Northern Colorado’s
Tongue & Lip Tie Experts

Northern Colorado’s Tongue & Lip Tie Experts


Northern Colorado’s Tongue & Lip Tie Experts

Tongue tie is more prevalent than you think, affecting up to 10% of newborns each year.

Does your baby…

  • Struggle to nurse or take a bottle?
  • Leak milk from their mouth while eating?
  • Make a clicking/smacking noise when eating?
  • Experience difficulties gaining weight?
  • Experience reflux or colic?
  • Have bouts of gas or fussing?

Does your child…

  • Have difficulty sleeping?
  • Mumble when speaking?
  • Experience slow or picky eating?
  • Choke on liquids and when eating?
  • Experience a strong gag reflux?
  • Have a speech delay?
  • Have loud teeth grinding, snoring, or slept with their mouth open?

If you suspect your child may have a tongue or lip tie, we’re here to Provide expertise and support in helping your child thrive.

What is A Lip Tie?

Similar to the tongue tie, a lip tie occurs when the upper lip is attached to the gums in a way that causes movement challenges.

What is A Tongue Tie?

A tongue tie happens when the piece of skin under the tongue is too short or too tight, causing difficulty in the tongue moving or sticking out fully.

What is A Laser Scalpel?

A laser scalpel is a specialized surgical tool that uses a laser light to cut through the tissue of the skin.

Meet Northern Colorado’s Tongue & Lip Tie Experts

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

General Dentist for Kids

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Went to have my son evaluated with for a tongue clip and all of the staff was fantastic. Very friendly and Dr. Bowman gave all of the pros and cons while encouraging us to go home and discuss any surgery. She sent us with resources to be prepared if we go forward with the procedure.”

– Mary Phillips

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